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The steps to completing the post-decision process will be as follows:

Learning Content

1. Health & Safety 
a. Watch health & safety abroad: sexually transmitted diseases video and mark it as read. 
b. Read health and safety for travel abroad and mark it as read. 
2. International SOS and Travel Tracker General Info
a. Read all the information and instructions and download the app, after you are done mark it as read. 
3. Know Before you Go Safety Tips
a. Watch the video to learn more safety trips and mark it as read. 
4. Required Documents for Travel
a. Read all the documents you need before travel abroad.
Signature Documents
5. Health and Safety Information
a. Sign and save the document in your personal files.
6. Statement of Responsibility/Waiver and Release Form
a. Sign and save the document in your personal files.

7. Emergency Contacts - provide study abroad two emergency contacts
a. Names
b. Relationship
c. Phone Number
d. Email Address 
e. Street Address 

8. FERPA Release Questionnaire 

9. Flight Itinerary
a. Departure Airport
b. Departure Date and Time
c. Airline and Flight Number
d. Connecting Flight (if applicable)
e. Connecting Flight 2 (if applicable)
f. Arrival Date and Time
g. Return Flight Information

10. GeoBlue International Student Health Insurance Enrollment Form
a. All students traveling abroad are required to have travel insurance and will be enrolled by Pratt to GeoBlue. Students are required to pay the fees of health insurance. Review the information before becoming enrolled.
11. Passport Upload
a. Upload a scanned copy of your passport for our records. This will also be helpful to you while traveling if your passport is lost and you need a copy to prove identification.