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Study Abroad

In a globalized world, study abroad is the best experience you can have for your personal and professional life! It is a great opportunity to appreciate new cultures, learn new languages, challenge yourself by living in another country, and meet people from around the world.

Where to begin?
Before you start an application, you will need to decide if you want to go abroad during the full semester, summer, or spring break. You can also view the recorded versions of Information Sessions 2022.

How can I know what program works best for me?
  • If you want to apply for a semester-long program you will need to be a junior at the time you go abroad. That means that you apply in your sophomore year. 
  • You are eligible for Summer Programs your first summer enrolled at Pratt. That means that you can apply from your freshman year to the end of your program. 
  • Spring Break programs work similarly to summer programs, but some of them are integrated with a course and may have additional requirements. 
  • Alumni are eligible to go abroad to some of the summer and spring break programs.

After you know for how long you want to go abroad you will need to start your application. Pratt has created an online application portal using TerraDotta that simplifies the process and keep important documents in one place. ‚Äč
a. Find a program, and select "Apply Now" within the program of your choice.
b. You will be redirected to log in, where you can select "Pratt Onekey Login". Use your MyPratt campus account to log in.
c. Select the available term/year for which you wish to apply.
d. You can only complete one application per application cycle (term + year). You will be given the opportunity to select other program choices in the application.
e. You will be taken to your application where you can see program information, announcements, application requirements.