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Inbound Student Resources


Pratt Academic Calendar for Fall 2022
Use this link to see the important dates at Pratt for the Fall 2022 semester. We strongly recommend you add this calendar to your google calendar. 

COVID 19 Requirements and Regulations at Pratt
You can find resources on accessing the Pratt Brooklyn campus for the fall 2022 semester here. It is your responsibility to make sure you meet all various requirements set forth to access in person classes and various other activities. 

Quarantine Requirements
Whether you are vaccinated or waiting to be vaccinated when you arrive in New York, you are not required to quarantine. This applies to both domestic and international students as well as any arriving faculty and staff. This is based on the current New York State guidelines

Health Forms 
Review health and immunization forms and requirements and upload your records ASAP. You will not be able to register for classes until you have uploaded all of your health forms.  For further assistance with these forms.

For further assistance with these forms, please contact the Health Services Office at or +1-718-399-4542.

Registering for classes 
Exchange students are required to fill out the Exchange Student Registration Form in order to register for classes. You can find the registration form along with instructions at the end of this document. 

Registration for classes will begin on April 18th, 2022  so we recommend you have the form ready for submission by then. 

Please note, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to register for the classes that you specified in your exchange application. Registration is on a first come basis so it is important you follow up with Sabrina Coles in an appropriate time frame. Also keep in mind that there is a two-week add/drop period at Pratt at the beginning of the semester. This will allow you to 1) shop around for classes 2) get into classes that you might not have been able to. 

Lastly, it is your responsibility and your home school’s responsibility to ensure the classes you take at Pratt are transferred to count towards your graduation requirements. 

Tuition and Fees
Tuition and general fees are waived for exchange students after September 31st. However, you will be responsible for individual course fees for your selected classes, because course fees are not covered by our exchange agreements. Bauhaus and Linnaeus University students also pay the student activity fee. You can visit the Student Financial Services website to learn more about fees associated with some of your courses. You will receive an email when your bill is viewable on the MyPratt portal. Your transcript of grades will not be released if you do not pay your bill for your course fees. 

The deadline for paying your tuition bill is Aug 1, 2022

Please email Jason LeConey, Assistant Director for Housing with Residential Life at Pratt, at, if you would like to apply for on campus housing. Specify your name, Pratt ID, and the partner school you are coming from. Housing assignments are completed on a date-driven basis, so applying sooner is better. 

Partner schools with an Exchange Housing agreement are: The Bauhaus, Musashino, Southern Cross University, and Amsterdam School of the Arts. Please specify to Jason LeConey if you are from one of these schools with Exchange Housing agreements. Students from these schools must live on campus as part of your Exchange Program, and you will be placed in Willoughby Hall, the Townhouses or Grand Avenue Residence. Pratt housing charges will be waived for students from these schools. 

For students from other partner schools without an Exchange Housing agreement: It is optional for students to live on campus, and a housing assignment is not guaranteed. View housing and costs here, and email Jason LeConey if you are interested in living on campus as a student without an Exchange Housing agreement, at your own cost. 

Based on the date of your completed housing request, if and when Pratt is able to offer you an on-campus assignment, then you will pay the charges via your Student Account at Pratt. If you choose to live off campus, you are responsible to secure and pay for your own housing. 

Pratt’s Fall 2022 New Student Move In Day is Sunday, August 21, 2022. More information about the Fall 2022 Move In process, Social Contract, and Covid protocols will be sent when students are assigned. The Fall 2022 Move Out Deadline is Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 12pm.