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Spring Break / Summer Programs

1. You are eligible to go abroad during the first summer you are enrolled at Pratt. That means that you can apply from your freshman year to the end of your program.*
2. Summer programs are typically short term and often (but not always) led by a Pratt faculty member.

Spring Break:
1. It works similar to summer programs but may have additional requirements.
2. These programs are also led by Pratt faculty.
What are the deadlines to apply?

You can search for all upcoming and past deadlines by following the link to deadlines. Please keep these deadlines in mind as you begin your application. If you have already applied, but have questions about your application, please visit our FAQ's or email

How to Apply?

1. Select the program for which you are eligible to apply.
2. Contact the program leaders for application instructions. 

*Alumni are eligible to go abroad to some of the summer and spring break programs. *You can find that information in each program.

Post-Decision Note
The post-decision documents vary per program. We suggest for you to reach out to the faculty lead for more specific information.