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FAQs: Requirements + Eligibility

Am I eligible to Study Abroad?
Undergraduate Students:
Semester-long                                                                                           Summer / Spring Break
- Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA                                                                  - Summer: eligible to go abroad since the first 
- Complete the second year of study at Pratt                                                           summer that you are at Pratt.
- Be a Junior during the exchange semester                                          - Spring Break: for some of them you will need 
   (completed 58-97 credits prior to exchange)                                                                 to be a part of the class. 
Transfer Students
- Meet the UG requirements
- GPA must reflect at least one semester’s attendance at Pratt
- Approval from Department Chair

Change of Major
- Meet UG requirements
- The applicant cannot be on academic probation at the time of exchange
- GPA and portfolio must reflect at least one semester of study in new major
- Must have two full semesters remaining upon return to Pratt (minimum 12cr/semester)

Graduate Students
- Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA
- Complete one year of study at Pratt

Do I have to study in my major?
Yes. Study abroad programs are intended for students to receive course credit for the classes they take abroad to contribute to their major at Pratt.

How competitive is it to be nominated to study abroad?
The quantity of exchange program applications received by our office varies based on the location of the program, the majors it is open to, and the term in which the exchange will take place. For F18 + S19 semesters, we received a combined total of approximately 80 student applications across all exchange programs.