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FAQs: Application Procedure

1. How do I apply?
Go to the brochure of the program you're interested in applying to, and click the "Apply Now" button. You will be directed to a study abroad application.

2. Should I create separate applications for each program I’m interested in applying to?
No, you only need to create one application. Once you create an application for your first choice program, there is a document where you will select your second and third choice from the drop-down menu. If you are nominated to study abroad but are not accepted to your first choice, your application will automatically be considered for nomination to your alternative choices.

3. I set up an application for a program but decided to change my first choice. Is there a way I can update my first-choice preference after creating the application?
Yes. This switch cannot be made by the applicant, but you can email a request to update your first choice program to

4. What do I need to submit?
Once you begin an application, you will see a list of required documents that you will need to complete. Requirements may vary slightly between programs, but documents that you will need time to prepare to include a statement of interest and a portfolio. There are also a number of documents and videos which must be read, watched, or electronically signed.

5. What are the portfolio requirements?
Portfolio expectations vary across the art and design departments, so it is highly recommended that you schedule a meeting with the Chair or Assistant Chair of your department to conduct a preliminary portfolio review.

Getting feedback from professors familiar with your work will also help strengthen your submission. Use these meetings as an opportunity to receive critique on a portfolio that you may have already begun working on, and gain insight into what format would best represent your work.

6. My host school is asking for official transcripts. How do I request Pratt for official transcripts?
To request your official transcripts online you can visit this link or alternatively give a written application to Pratt's Registrar's office. The written request details can be found here

*Please direct your questions regarding transcripts to the Office of the Registrar at

7. How do I submit my application?
Once you have completed all application requirements and you have no outstanding materials to be uploaded, you may click the “Submit Application” button at the top of your homepage to finalize your application. This will mark your application as currently under review.

8. When will I know if my application was accepted?
Students who have submitted applications for review will be notified via email if their application was nominated, denied, or waitlisted by the decision date listed on the program page.

9. I was nominated to study abroad. What do I do now?
All students nominated to study abroad must accept or decline their nomination via email. A list of required post-decision materials will be available to review and submit on TerraDotta. You will also need to complete your program’s specific application requirements and submit them to the host school you have been nominated to.

10. I applied to study abroad but have decided I no longer wish to participate in the program. What should I do?
If you have made this decision prior to the application deadline, go to your homepage and click the "withdraw" button next to the program. If you have made this decision after the deadline, please email so that our office is notified immediately.

11. I was nominated by Pratt, but do I still have to be accepted by the Host University?
Yes, you are still required to apply to the host university for official acceptance. 

However, applications to schools like Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Glasgow School of Art require a dual nomination, meaning that once nominated by Pratt you must also be nominated by the host school upon submission of the host application. If your application to the dual nomination program is rejected by the host school, you will be considered for the alternative exchange programs you selected in your application.

12. When is the Host University application due?
Application due dates vary across each program, so if you have been nominated to study abroad, check your post-decision application materials for information on how to complete the host school application and its due date for your program.

13. I was denied to study abroad. What do I do now?
If your application has been rejected, you are invited to contact our staff for information regarding the reasons for the rejection. You are encouraged to apply again in the future for a study abroad summer program.

14. I was waitlisted for study abroad. What does this mean?
Applicants who have been waitlisted for a program may have the option to participate depending upon the number of applicants who accept their nomination to study at the host university. If enrollment space in the program becomes available, you will be notified of the status change of your application.

15. There’s a university that I’m interested in studying at, but it’s not listed as one of the semester-long programs. Is it still possible for me to study there?
Typically, establishing a new partnership takes too long to set up prior to applications closing; however, we are open to new suggestions on starting new partnerships.

The Study Abroad Department at Pratt is partnered with third-party providers such as API, SAI, ISA, and CIEE. If you are interested in learning more about your opportunities outside of Pratt exchange programs, please send an email to or visit our office in North 102 for information on how to obtain approval, what requirements you will need to meet, and additional application processes that differ from our standard application. Please note that these third-party providers are only available to Pratt students for a summer study abroad experience, and credits from said providers are treated as transfer credits.

*Before contacting our office, please research available programs that you may be interested in applying to and make an appointment with us to discuss this opportunity*