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Housing Policies

All Pratt students who choose to Study Abroad are responsible for securing their own housing- either on-campus or off-campus housing*. The host institution provides a multitude of resources for making housing arrangements and students are advised to check in with the host institution's website.

*Pratt students who study at Musashino University and the Bauhaus are required to sign up for Pratt housing.

If students have chosen to study abroad and require Pratt housing upon their return to Pratt, they must contact Pratt Residential Life and Housing to amend their housing contracts by the outlined deadlines.

Cancellation Penalty Schedule
Upon receipt of a completed application and an assignment made by the Office of Residential Life, the student is automatically charged for the cost of the room.
Cancellation requests received and approved by the Office of Residential Life either in-person or electronically are assessed the cancellation penalties as per the schedule below, and are applied to the student's account.

Fall 2019
**Before May 1, 2019              No Penalty
May 1–May 31
                      No Penalty $300 Penalty (Loss of Deposit)
June 1–June 30
                   $500 Penalty
July 1 –July 31                          $1,000 Penalty
Aug 1–Aug 27                           50% of Semester Rent Penalty
Aug 28—Oct 1                           75% of Semester Rent Penalty
After Oct 1, 2019                      100% of Semester Rent Penalty

Students who are studying abroad for the Fall semester must cancel their Housing Contract in writing and abide by the above schedule.
**Students living on campus for both fall and spring do not move out at the end of the fall semester.
Spring 2020
Before Nov 15, 2019
             No Penalty
Nov 15–Dec 17                          $500 Penalty
Dec 18, 2019–Jan 22, 2020   $1,000 Penalty
Jan 23–Feb 29, 2020
          50% of Semester Rent Penalty
After Feb 29, 2020                   100% of Semester Rent Penalty

*Students who are graduating in December, or studying abroad for the Spring semester, must cancel their Housing Contract in writing and abide by the above schedule.