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What to Bring


Passports and Visas:
All students who travel internationally must have a passport. We also recommend taking a copy of your passport with you in case of it being lost or stolen. 

If your country requires you to have a visa for long-term stay, apply immediately and avoid last-minute complications. Follow this link for information about Visas and what you need to apply. Visas may be required for students before traveling to Denmark, France, Korea, Sweden, Japan, Italy, and Australia. Temporary residency application may be required for students once arriving to Germany and Netherlands.

Travel Insurance:
You will need to apply for travel insurance before you study abroad. Pratt offers HTH Worldwide Insurance to its students traveling abroad and will assign it to those who need it. It will be up to the students to waive the required health insurance if covered by a policy on his/her parents health plan. The office of education abroad will register you with HTH should you need its services. 

Prescriptions (Translated):
If you require prescription medications while abroad, you will very likely need to verify this requirement with a doctor's note. You may need a specially notarized prescription, translated into the host country language, if the country does not recognize American prescriptions.

Confirmation of Good Health:
Some countries will require that a health form or letter of good health (confirmation that you are free from certain diseases, etc.) be provided to obtain a visa.

Confirmation of Vaccination:
You may also be asked to show proof of having received certain vaccinations to travel in regions with endemic diseases, like cholera, yellow fever, etc.

International Student ID Card:
You should consider purchasing an International Student Identity Card (such as ISIC) as these can provide discounts, help verify your travel purposes, and sometimes include a limited amount of insurance and 24-hour assistance. Often cards are sold on campuses. Check with your International Programs office or local student travel agency (like STA Travel). 

You may want to register to vote in U.S. elections while you're abroad. You can obtain absentee ballots abroad through your consulate or embassy. You can also contact your local board of elections officials. Follow this link for information about absentee ballots

Copies of Travel Documents: 
Along with your originals, bring a copy of all travel documents and leave copies of your travel documents with a contact in the U.S. and abroad. Remember to keep copies in a safe place, separate from where you keep your original documents.

Travel Tips:
Keep in mind that a power adapter (voltage converter) for your electronics will be needed.  If you are unsure as to which adapter you will need, a universal adapter is recommended for all future travels.   

This website offers more information on which adapter should be used in each place, if you are not interested in investing in a universal product.

Resources for Learning About Study Abroad:
Before you Go: U.S. Department of State
The Center for Global Education