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Steps for Exchange Abroad: For Students

Eligibility to Participate for an Exchange Program at Pratt Institute: 
To be eligible for an exchange program, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Must be in junior year during exchange semester, which is classified as 59 to 97 credits;
  • Juniors in a four or five year program must have completed at least 58 credits prior to exchange semester and complete credits adding up to no more than 97 total at the end the exchange semester;
  • Transfer students – the GPA must reflect at least one semester’s attendance at Pratt at the time of application, must meet eligibility, and must have Chair’s approval;
  • Change of Major – If you changed majors, you must have changed it in the semester before your application, so that your GPA and portfolio reflect classes in that major;
  • Must have two full-time semesters (min. 12 credits each semester) remaining upon return to Pratt;
  • Good academic standing, a 3.0 GPA or better – see Pratt Student Handbook;
  • Good social standing – see Pratt Student Handbook.

Please follow the steps below to complete the Terradotta exchange application: 
  • Complete the online Terradotta application by the required deadline of February 25, 2020 This is only a Pratt deadline. 
  • Meet with your academic advisor (Academic Advisement Office, Myrtle Hall, 6th floor) to complete your Eligibility Confirmation from Academic Advisor Form. This is a digital document. Your academic advisor has access to it. 
  • Include a letter of recommendation from your professor by following the application guidelines outlined in your Terradotta application. This is due by the application deadline. Follow submission instructions in the application.
  • Make sure all application materials are submitted and everything is checked as "received." 

Nomination Period: Late February to Mid-March (exact dates to be announced)
  • Student will make an appointment with the assistant chair of their academic department to schedule a nomination review which includes portfolio review and recommendation for nomination. 
  • Student will be informed by the Education Abroad Office on 03/14/19 of nomination into an exchange program. 

Post-Decision Period: Mid-March (exact dates to be announced)
  • Student's Decision - Student will send an email to the Education Abroad Office with their decision to accept or decline their nomination by 3/21/20
  • Following 03/21/2019, each academic department will receive notification of student's decision and placement in host school. 
  • Students nominated for the exchange schools must begin the post-decision process of the application within Terra Dotta.  
  • Students nominated must complete application to their exchange school by the host school's deadline in order to be accepted into their program.  Host schools will confirm the student's acceptance. Please note that Rietveld Academy and Glasgow School of Art have conditional acceptances to their respective institutions. 
  • Students meet with department chair or assistant chair to fill out PEX (Pratt Exchange Form). This is a digital form.  Students and their departmental advisors will be looking at courses offered at the host institution and evaluating course equivalencies at Pratt.  Students going on exchange in the Fall must meet with their department before the end of April. Students going on exchange in the Spring must meet with their department before the end of October. Please follow Pratt registration dates. 
  • A mandatory pre-departure orientation will be held in early May for students exchanging in Fall and in December for students exchanging in Spring.