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FAQs: Inbound Students

I have been told by a doctor or administrator in my home country that certain documents which Pratt has requested are unnecessary to study abroad at Pratt.

A: All documents requested by Pratt Institute are necessary and must be submitted.

I am seeing in my immigration documents under “Sources of Funding” that I need to provide proof of income for an entire year ($80,000). I thought I only needed to show at least $8,000?
A: You are correct. You only need to show $8,000 for your exchange semester. You can disregard the entire year amount stated on the form.

Do I need to submit the Verification of English Language form and attend IEP courses?
J-1 exchange students need to submit a signed Verification Form for English Language Proficiency for J1 students by their home school's international office. You do not need to attend IEP courses if that form is submitted.

I am trying to register for my classes but the “Register Now” button is gray. What should I do?
A: This is because exchange students cannot register for their own classes. You should contact Sabrina Coles in the Registrar's Office at She will register you manually. If you have questions about specific course offerings you should contact the Chair or Assistant Chair of the Department you will be studying in. You can find their contact information in the Campus Directory.

Am I able to register for courses which have prerequisites?
A: Yes, in certain circumstances. You should also contact Sabrina Coles ( about this matter. She will contact the department and they will judge if your skills and transcripts warrant registering you for the course(s) you’re interested in.

When registering for on campus housing I am being asked to submit both a housing and enrollment deposit. What should I do?
A: You only need to submit a housing deposit. Do not submit an enrollment deposit. If you submitted an enrollment deposit it will be refunded.

Where can I find resources for off campus housing?
A: Pratt has resources available here.
There are also a couple of Facebook groups:
Pratt Institute Off-Campus Housing
Pratt Institute, New York Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets, Roommates
We also recommend using websites like,, or

I see a fee for health insurance and Dewars tuition insurance on my bill.
A: That’s right. It is your responsibility to waive the health insurance unless you are choosing to enroll in Pratt’s health insurance. It is also your responsibility to waive the Dewars tuition insurance, if you so choose. Please look at the Tuition & Fees section of this document for more details.

When paying for housing or other Pratt expenses online there is a convenience fee. How can I avoid this?
A: The convenience fee is generated when you pay for expenses using a debit or credit card. It has nothing to do with international transactions. Use an electronic check to avoid the convenience fee.

How do I make individual payments and what fees am I responsible for?
As per the Inbound Student Resources page, tuition and general fees are waived for exchange students after September 31st. However, students are responsible for individual course fees for your selected classes. Bauhaus and Linneaus University students also pay the student activity fee. For more information please refer to the Inbound Student Resources page.

For instructions on how to make individual payments, see below:
  • Log In to One Pratt's "Self Service" Portal from your laptop/computer
  • Under "Student Finance", go to "Make a Payment"
  • See instruction diagram below
How to Make a Payment-better