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Before You Go


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Congratulations on being nominated to study abroad! We are excited to see you gain these new experiences. To help you prepare, we have created a resource guide for what students traveling outbound will need.   
Pre-Departure Orientation
All students accepted into an exchange program are required to attend a pre-departure orientation before leaving Pratt. 

Registering for Courses:
Before going to your international school, students will need to have courses approved using the PEX 400 Course Contract Credit Transfer Agreement.

Health & Safety:
Pratt expects its students to be in good health before traveling to their international school. Students are also required to have insurance while abroad in case of emergencies. All Pratt study abroad participants are required to have Pratt-approved health/travel insurance before they study abroad.  Regardless of whether or not students already have health/travel insurance (in the states or abroad), Pratt students are required to enroll in GeoBlue Insurance for the duration of their time abroad.  This is a mandatory policy of Pratt Institute, no exceptions will be made.  The Office of Education Abroad will enroll you and the insurance will be available to you when you travel.

What to Bring:
It is important to prepare for your travels by making sure you have all of the necessary materials before traveling including passports, visas, insurance, and personal items. 

Financial Resources:
Students who want to study abroad, but can't afford the fees, are welcome to browse financial resources to help pay for their travels. 

Returning to Pratt:
Before returning to Pratt from your international school, it is important to have all your academic resources in order for registrar and housing.