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Resources for Students with Disabilities

TSA Guide for Disabilities and Medical Conditions The official TSA guide to traveling with a disability or medical condition. Tells disabled travelers what to expect while going through TSA checkpoints and gives tips on how to get through the process as smoothly as possible.
Diversity Abroad - Students With Disabilities Abroad Guide for study abroad students with disabilities, including travel tips and must-ask questions.
Studying in the UK as a Disabled Student Resources and information for students with disabilities who plan to study in the UK.
Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality Offers plenty of travel tips, resources, and testimonials from travelers with disabilities relating to the accessibility of their destinations.
Mobility International USA A disability-led non-profit designed to assist people with disabilities in getting the opportunity to travel abroad. Offers comprehensive resources and articles related to all manner of physical and mental disabilities, as well as resources for professors advising students with disabilities.
Disabled Travel: Tips and Advice Travelers with Disabilities Lists practical tips for travelers with disabilities and links to other useful resources.
Traveling With a Disability A comprehensive guide to traveling with a disability. Offers tips for both mental and physical disabilities, as well as resources on knowing one's rights while traveling with a disability, cost guides, travel insurance, accessibility, and much more.
WheelchairTravel.Org Provides accessibility reports for many of the world's most visited cities that include travel information on accessible public transportation, taxis, attractions, sidewalks, airports, hotels, and more.
Deaf Travel Offers travel tips for hearing-impaired students, first-person accounts from hearing-impaired travelers, and information about using International Sign Language while abroad.
Hearing Like Me - Traveling With Hearing Loss Tips for traveling with hearing loss, especially in terms of transportation and accommodation.
Tips for Travelling for Those with Vision Loss This short article provides advice for those travelling with vision loss.