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Following the application deadline, your materials will be reviewed by faculty and the Director of Education Abroad.
You will be notified of the status of your application via email.

Accepted: When you are nominated to study abroad, you will be given the program you were nominated in and asked to confirm your nomination. You will then be given post-decision steps to complete via Terra Dotta that will complete your nomination process.
Not Accepted: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee all applicants a chance to study abroad as it is a very competitive program. For information regarding the reasons for rejection, you may contact our staff. You are encouraged to apply again in the future if you remain eligible to apply.
 Waitlist: Some applicants are added to a waitlist of students to study abroad. This means that depending on the number of accepted applicants who decide to participate, enrolled space in the program may become available. You will be notified if the status of your application changes during this time.
After you are nominated, please complete the following steps in your application:

Post-Decision Requirements 

You have been accepted. In order to participate in this program of study, you must state your intent and commitment by clicking the Commit Button.

1. Host School Application
  • Apply to your host institution by the deadline. You must apply to the school as an exchange student in order to receive credits and enroll in classes at the school. Provide proof of your application submission with the requested information.
  • Please review a document called "Next Steps" for your host school, this outlines the various steps you need to take on both Pratt's and the host school's end.

2. Passport Upload
  • Upload a scanned copy of your passport for our records. This will also be helpful to you while traveling if your passport is lost and you need a copy to prove your identification.

3. GeoBlue International Student Health Insurance Enrollment Form
  • All students traveling abroad are required to have travel insurance and will be enrolled by Pratt to GeoBlue. Students are required to pay the fees of health insurance. Review the information before becoming enrolled.
  • Please submit your GeoBlue form ASAP upon acceptance into your program.

4. Exchange Visa Information
  • Some countries require a Visa for students staying long-term. Please review the Visa information provided to you based on the country you will be traveling.
  • If you require a Visa, begin your application as soon as possible and provide the information to the Office of Education Abroad.

5. Meeting with the Department Chair for Credit Approval
  • Schedule an appointment with your Department Chair or Assistant chair.
  • Sign and save the document in your personal files. 

6. PEX 400 Course Contract Credit Transfer Agreement Form / Study Abroad Course Equivalency Form
  • Exchange: During Pratt’s registration period, you will be required to register for your exchange courses at the school abroad and have them approved by your chair. Complete the form and submit it to the Office of Education Abroad.
  • Study Abroad: During Pratt’s registration period, you will be required to register for your study abroad courses at the school abroad and have them approved by your chair. Complete the form and submit it to the Office of Education Abroad

7. Flight Itinerary
  • Departure Airport
  • Departure Date and Time
  • Airline and Flight Number
  • Connecting Flight (if applicable)
  • Connecting Flight 2 (if applicable)
  • Arrival Date and Time
  • Return Flight Information

8. Health/Medical Information Disclosure
  • Please indicate which health conditions, if any, the school should be aware of.
    • Allergies
    • Health Condition
    • Medication
    • Other

9. International SOS and Travel Tracker General Info
  • Read all the information and instructions and download the app, after you are done mark it as read. 

10. Housing Guidelines for Outbound Exchange Students
  • Some exchange programs provide housing for students on campus. For students studying somewhere that does not provide housing, you are required to find their own accommodations.
  • Review the guidelines for housing at Pratt if you plan on being absent for a semester or wish to have housing at Pratt when you return. This is important to do before leaving to study abroad. 

11. Health & Safety 
  • Watch health & safety abroad: sexually transmitted diseases video and mark it as read. 
  • Read health and safety for travel abroad and mark it as read. 

12. Know Before you Go Safety Tips
  • Watch the video to learn more safety trips and mark it as read. 

13. Required Documents for Travel
  • Read all the documents you need before travel abroad.

14. Emergency Health Care Authorization 
  • Sign and save the document in your personal files.

15. Statement of Responsibility/Waiver and Release Form
  • Sign and save the document in your personal files.

16. Emergency Contacts - provide study abroad two emergency contacts
  • Names
  • Relationship
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address 
  • Street Address 

17. FERPA Release Questionnaire 

* When you have confirmed your nomination, you will be required to attend a mandatory Pre-departure Orientation led by the Director of Education Abroad that will be part of your learning experience before going to your exchange school. You can gather information on the orientation in Terra Dotta or by emailing