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FAQs: Overview

1. What are the different program categories?
There are semester-long, faculty-led spring break and summer programs available. For more information on the differences between these types of programs, visit the Study Abroad page to read informational documents.

2. Where can I study abroad?
You can check out our various programs offered in the Program Search, and use the filter to search based on your major/department of study. If you are interested in exploring more opportunities, visit the FAQs: Application Procedures page.

3. When can I study abroad?
  1. Semester-long programs are completed during the applicant’s junior year of study. More details about this requirement can be found on the FAQs: Requirements + Eligibility page. If you have further concerns about your eligibility, please meet with your academic advisor to discuss these prior to contacting the Office of Education Abroad.
  2. Refer to the specific program for information on what semester you can study abroad for that university.
4. Will I still graduate on time if I study abroad?
Yes. If you participate in any program types offered by Pratt on Terra Dotta, agreements have already been made so that you will receive credit for a full semester of study upon successful completion of the host school courses.‚Äč

5. How long are the programs?
  1. Semester-long program duration is approximately the length of one semester at Pratt but varies depending on the program. The semester-long program can last between 3 to 5 months. To find out the dates of the program, you are applying to as soon as they are made available, check the host school’s website frequently for announcements of terms and dates.
  2. Summer/Spring Break programs are usually 1-4 weeks long. More details about the requirements can be found on the Spring Break/Summer programs page. 

6. What classes can I take?
You are free to take any classes offered by the host school that pertains to your major. Prior to your departure, you will need to meet with your department chair to fill out the course equivalency form to ensure you will receive credit for the courses you are enrolling in.

7.  How competitive is it to be nominated to study abroad?
The quantity of exchange program applications received by our office varies based on the location of the program, the majors it is open to, and the term in which the exchange will take place. 

If you have more questions, you can watch the 2022 Info Session Recordings.