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Returning to Pratt

Registering for Courses When You Return
Your course list will have to be approved by your Academic Advisor when registering for classes abroad. You will meet with that advisor again to register for courses for when you return. 

Pratt must have an official transcript of your coursework abroad to award you academic credit toward your degree. Before leaving the partner institution, request that a transcript be sent to Pratt. Also, get an unofficial transcript yourself.

Housing Arrangements When You Return
If you will be in need of on-campus housing upon your return to campus, you must note this on your Housing Request Form at the Office of Residential Life, and you must pay the required Housing Deposit(s). You should do this before leaving to study abroad. This is the only way to assure that you will have an on-campus housing assignment when you return.

If you are living on campus during the Fall semester prior to your exchange semester in the Spring, and you would like to retain your current room for the Fall semester after your return, you must state this while completing a housing application at the Office of Residential Life.

For any questions about your exchange housing bill or about arranging an on-campus space for when you return, please contact Jason LeConey, the Housing Coordinator with the Office of Residential Life:

215 Willoughby Ave., Suite 105